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Chhorn Muon
ឈន មួន
ភេទ: ប្រុស
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Krasaing Kha village, San Kor commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom province
Date Of Birth
Current Address
Krasaing Kha village, San Kor commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom province, Cambodia
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Chamkar Leu, Kampong Cham province
Others Crime
Starvation: Between 1975 and 1976, I was famished. After working man hours, there was nothing to eat. When food shortages became extreme, we dared not comment about the amount of the food ration. I think my life was really valuable . When I became very sick, I was accused of being lazy. We were forced to live at a place where we were considered the enemy, with only gruel to eat. There was no freedom. Chet, the commune chief, ordered the starvation of the villagers. I was upset about the starvation, which I knew could result in my death. At meals, the gruel contained mostly water with only a few rice grains. One person received only a ladle of watery gruel to eat. There were two meals per day – at twelve noon and five p.m. People had to gather together in the communal dining hall in Krasaing Kha Village. I do not know why starvation was pervasive. There was nothing for me to eat except watery gruel. During that time, it was difficult for me to ask for watery gruel at mealtime. Espionage: In 1977, Sien Ngoy stole rice from the economic section of the cooperative at Krasaing Kha District. Chet, the commune chief, captured Sien Ngoy and shot him. I learned of the incident from Sien Ngoy after I heard the gunfire. The morning after the shooting, Chet announced that an enemy was stealing rice from the economic section and he discouraged everyone from attempting to do the same thing. After that announcement, we all feared for our lives and no one dared to steal rice, even though we all suffered from exhaustion due to overwork. Forced labor: Under the Khmer Rouge regime, I was forced to work in a mobile unit. My task, growing corn along the small Preah Kanlorng River, was assigned to me by Tren, the cooperative chief. After that, I returned to transplant rice seedlings in Krasaing Kha Village. Between 1976 and 1977, I was ordered to work at a construction site. The assigned task at the construction site was building the 30 September Dam. Each worker carried ten cubic meters per day. Those who were strong enough were required to finish this assigned task within one day. Those who could not complete this assigned amount of work had to continue working until it was completed. I dared not refuse to perform the tasks which Tren assigned me, because I was afraid I would be executed. There were both construction and farming tasks to be done, but I did not know on what basis people received their individual work assignment. I dared not do anything besides my assigned tasks, trying to survive and being unable to help others. If I didn’t go to work, I would have had nothing to eat. Family separation: Between 1976 and 1977, I was separated from my family and assigned to work far away from them. I was not able to reunite with my wife, Kay Aun, for two or three months. The longest time I could spend with my wife was three days, and then I had to return to work. Forcing me to work far away caused the separation of my family. I dared not refuse to do the work which was far from my family, because I feared they would kill me. I had to work to survive and so I was forced to be separated from my family. Tren was the cooperative chief of Krasaing Kha Village.
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