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Record No: D60021

Cambodia : Khieu Samphan in Phnom Penh; Offers cease-Fire.

Location of Document/Book: KH, DC-CAM, Document no. D60021

Date of Document: Oct 01, 1993


Record No: D75080

Rebel Close in on Phnom Penh; Saigon fighter base in shelied; US to cut South Vietnam Staff.

Location of Document/Book: D75080

Date of Document: 16/4/75


Record No: Y01062

Nuon Chea

Gender: Male

KR Rank 1975-79: Member of the CPK Standing Committee (BKI 147, p. 532) ~ Deputy Secretary of CPK (EB, WWO, p. 187) ~ appointed temporary replacement for Pol Pot as prime minister, 197609?? (EB, WWO, p. 278) ~ CPK Deputy Secretary-General, 1975???? (BK, PPR, p. 33) ~ President, Cambodian People’s Representative Assembly Standing Committee, 1976???? (BK, PPR, p. 326) ~ member of Standing Committee


Record No: Y05259

Seat Chhe

Gender: Male

KR Rank 1975-79: former secretary of Region 22, Eastern Zone, 19770827 (Tum’s confession, p. on the cover page)

Promoting Accountability

Record No: KCI0278

Chea Khan

Source of Interview: KCI0278 20030320 House no. E1 St 221 near Angduong Hospital Phnom Penh, Interviewed by Prum Phalla, Notes: Chea Khan disappeared. Interviewed with Chim Ren who is Chea Khan’s cousin

Promoting Accountability

Record No: KCI0159

Sokh Khan

Source of Interview: KCI0159 20021226, Dammnak Chrey village, Peamchikang commune, Kang Meas district, Kampong Cham province. Interviewed by Chuong Sophearith. Notes: Sokh Khan disappeared. Interviewed with her sister, Moeung Thy,52.

Promoting Accountability

Record No: KCI0503

Khiev Kim Soeun

Source of Interview: KCI0503 20031013, Andaung Ta Loeng village, Thma Poun sub-district, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham province. Interviewed by Long Dany. Notes: Interviewed with Khiev Kim Soeun, biography owner.


Record No: K09330

Keo Lorn


KR Rank 1975-79:

Promoting Accountability

Record No: KCI0272

Sann Roeung

Source of Interview: KCI0272 20020421, Thmei village, Lvea sub-district, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham province. Interviewd by Isa Osman and Huy Vannak. Notes: Interviewed with Sann Roeung, 50, was a security guard of Ta Mok៌s House, Non biography.


Record No: Y00376

Hun Sen

Gender: Male

KR Rank 1975-79: Regimental Commander, 197703?? ;notes: responsible for border between Region 21 and Vietnam (DC, BK, p. 171) ~ Officer, 55th Company, Special Forces Regiment, Region 21, 1975???? (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ Regimental Chief of Staff (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ Deputy Commander, Special Regiment, Region 21, 1977???? (BK, PPR, p. 370) ~ a regimental “commander” (Khmer term unavailable);notes: 1975-1977 (BKI 21.10.80) ~ chief of staff, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21, Eastern Zone ;notes: from September 1975 (BKI 23.9.91) ~ chief of staff and deputy commander, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21, Eastern Zone ;notes: from early 1977 (BKI 23.9.91)

Promoting Accountability

Record No: KDI0998

Chea Soeun

Source of Interview: KDI0998 20041214, Chong Koh Thmei village, Koh Thom (k) sub-district, Koh Thom district, Kandal province. Interviewed by Long Dany. Notes: Chea Soeun disappeared. Interviewed with Te Sem who is Chea Soeun’s aunt. Sem said that Soeun’s parents died long ago. Soeun has four siblings. Two of them live in Sisophon, Banteay Meanchey, another one lives in Pochentong, Phnom Penh; and the last one lives in Tuol Krasaing, Kandal province. Soeun has a wife named Mek. After 1979, Sem got no information from Soeun.

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