Personal Info
ID: Y05259
Seat Chhe  (Tum's confession, p. 1)
 (Tum's confession, p. 1)
Other Name
Tum ; (Tum's confession, p. 1)
(Tum's confession, p. 1)
Source of Documents / Information
Seat Chhe alias Tum's confession, former Secretary of Region 22, Eastern Zone; "On [My]Personal History of Betrayal of the Party, written on 27-8-1977", (Tum's confession), 157pp., pp. 1-157.
Male (Tum's confession, p. 1)
ប្រុស (Tum's confession, p. 1)
Physical Characteristics
Date of Birth
1932???? (Tum's confession, p. 1) 
Father Name
Sou Seat ; (Tum's confession, p. 1) 
Mother Name
Eab Eangli ; (Tum's confession, p. 1) 
Pre DK Education
;notes: studied at a temple and at a primary school until 12 years old (Tum's confession, p. 1) ~ a monk in Chroy Takev Subdistrict, Koh Thom District, Kandal Province, 1947????-1948???? (Tum's confession, p. 1) ~ , 1948???? ;notes: studied at Bali Rorng School, Batum Vattei Temple, Phnom Penh (Tum's confession, p. 1) ~ Bali Choan Khpuos School [Higher School of Pali], 1950????-1954???? ;notes: left the monkhood in 1953???? (Tum's confession, p.2)  
Pre DK Education
.62, 1945????-1947???? ;notes: farmer (Tum's confession, p. 1) ~ .33, 1954????-1955???? ;notes: Khmer language teacher in Chamrean Vichea Junior High (Tum's confession, p. 5) ~ .24, 1960????-1963???? ;notes: secretary of Chamroeun Vichea School and Sodanbreichea'in School (Tum's confession, pp. 14, 16)  
Birth Place And Death Date
Birth Place
8040102 Chheu Kmao Village, Chheu Kmao Subdistrict, Koh Thom District, Kandal Province (Tum's confession, p.1)  
Death Place:  
Death Place
Father Info
Mother Info
Kr Rank Info
KR Rank Pre 75-79
តួនាទី មុនរបបខ្មែរក្រហម(1975)
member of the Eastern Zone [CPK Committee], 1966???? (Tum's confession, p. 21) ~ member of the Standing Committee of the Eastern Zone, 1973???? (Tum's confession, p. 68) ~ chief of the 3rd Front Committee, 1974????-1975???? (Tum's confession, pp. 78-87) ~ CPK secretary of Region 22, 1966???? (Tum's confession, p. 21)  
KR Rank 75-79
former secretary of Region 22, Eastern Zone, 19770827 (Tum's confession, p. on the cover page)
Dk Zone And Dk Org Type, Unit
DK Zone 75-79
E, 22, 1966???? (Tum's confession, 21)  
DK ORG Unit 75-79
military, 1974????-1975???? (Tum's confession, pp. 78-87) ~ administration, 197508?? (Tum's confession, p. 90) 
Persecutor And Detension Info
Persecutor Of
a policeman in Kanhchreach Subdistrict, Region 22, 1968???? or 1969???? ;notes: offence unspecified in source (Tum's confession, p. 29) 
Arrest Info
More Info
joined the "Khmer Workers Party", 1959???? (Tum's confession, p. 9) ~ joined Yuvakok league, 196????? (Tum's confession, p. 14) ~ went to the forest to join the revolution in Office (Munti)100. This order came from the Organization, 1964????-1966???? (Tum's confession, p. 19) ~ attended the Eastern Zone assembly which was led by Brother ៈ2, 197003?? (Tum's confession, p. 34) ~ bought waterproof watches, fuel, and other things for the Vietnamese. These Vietnamese were on duty to attack Chroy Changva Bridge. The order came from Lin, 1972???? (Tum's confession, p. 41) ~ attended a three-day meeting, hosted by the Eastern Zone, which was led by Sao Phim. The meeting was allegedly about the creation of a new political party, the "Workers Party of Kampuchea". Tum was invited by Lin, 1973???? (Tum's confesion, pp. 45-64) ~ attended the Eastern Zone's five-day meeting in Kroch Chmar District, Kampong Cham Province, which was led by Phuong. The meeting was allegedly about the creation of the "Workers Party of Kampuchea" and the rearrangement of the Zone's leadership, 1973???? (Tum's confession, p. 65-70) ~ met with Brother ៈ1 and received direct orders for the attack from him, 197411?? (Tum's confession, p. 75) ~ met with Sao Phim right after the meeting with Brother ៈ1. They went over the orders and made plans for the future, 197411?? (Tum's confession, p. 75) ~ directed a meeting in Srei Santhor District to prepare for battle. The order came from Brother ៈ2, 1974???? (Tum's confession, pp. 76-80) ~ gave a report about the battle to Brother ៈ1 when Brother ៈ1 went to the Eastern Zone the second time, 1975???? (Tum's confession, p. 82) ~ directed a meeting to prepare for battle. The order came from Brother ៈ1, 1975???? (Tum's confession, p. 84) ~ met with Khuon in the Northern Zone, and delivered Sao Phim's order to delay the victory over the Lon Nol government, 1974????-1975???? (Tum's confession, p. 86) ~ attended the Eastern Zone's one-day meeting in O Reang Auv District which was directed by Sao Phim. The meeting was about the rearrangement of the region's leadership, 1975???? ;notes: after liberation (Tum's confession, pp. 87-89) ~ went abroad for about one month with "the Organization", 197507??-197508?? (Tum's confession, p. 90) ~ met with Sao Phim after he came back from abroad. In the meeting Tum reported to Sao Phim about the secret documents which showed that "the Organization" had worked with China and Korea, especially in terms of military aid from China and Korea to the CPK, 1975???? (Tum's confession, p. 90) ~ attended a meeting in Prek Tameak Subdistrict, Region 22, Eastern Zone. Tum was invited by Mut. The meeting was allegedly about the plans to take action that the Zone had ordered, and planned for demonstrations and insurrections at Mukh Kampoul District, 197508?? (Tum's confession, pp. 91-92) ~ attended a meeting in Sithor Kandal District. The purpose of the meeting was to try to solve the problem between Ngin and Chhan allegedly in order to strengthen the "WPK", 1975???? (Tum's confession, p. 93) ~ attended a political education meeting, 197508??-197509?? (Tum's confession, p. 94) ~ attended a meeting in Region 22, Eastern Zone, which was directed by Chan. The meeting was allegedly about plans to foment political unrest, 197510?? (Tum's confession, pp. 97-101) ~ directed a meeting in Mukh Kampoul District, Region 22, Eastern Zone. The meeting was about the plans to clear up problems in Mukh Kampoul District. The order came from Brother ៈ89, 19751026 (Tum's confession, pp. 105-108) ~ attended a meeting of the Center, 197601?? (Tum's confession, p.114) ~ in charge of the staff officers' supplies, 197602?? (Tum's confession, p. 115) ~ in charge of building boats in Chroy Changvar, Phnom Penh; built 30 boats for carrying goods and 20 fighting boats. The order came from Brother ៈ1 and Brother ៈ89, 197701?? (Tum's confession, pp. 143-146)  
allowed traders to bring in industrial products such as plastic, rope, and baskets, etc. Intended to cause some conflicts with handmade products of the villagers, 1971???? (Tum's confession, p. 39) ~ allegedly opened a sixth grade classroom, set up endless assemblies, settled down families. By doing these things, they could slow down the process of sending youths to the battlefield, and made people at the front line think that lives at the rear are much happier. So they got upset and were unwilling to go to the front line, 1971???? (Tum's confession, p. 39) ~ delayed the plan for organizing Cooperative Communities in Region 22. The order came from Lin, 1972???? (Tum's confession, pp. 40) ~ extended the time of preventing private businesses in Spean Kandal from being established. The order came from Lin, 1972???? (Tum's confession, pp. 40-41) ~ had a conflict with Sao Phim because Tum criticized the Vietnamese, 1972???? (Tum's confession, p. 41) ~ softened the attacks on Phnom Penh because they wanted to delay the victory over the Lon Nol government. The order for this allegedly came from the "Workers Party of Kampuchea", 1974???? (Tum's confession, pp. 72-76)  
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