Personal Info
ID: Y00376
Hun Sen  (DC, BK, p. 158)
 (DC, BK, p. 158)
Source of Documents / Information
DC, BK, pp. 158-198 / BK, PPR, pp. 266, 370-1, 455 / BKI 21.10.80, pp. 11-19 / BKI 23.9.91 / Washington Post, 30.10.89 / International Herald Tribune, 2.11.89 and 6.11.89 / WSJ 31.3.92
Male (BK, PPR, p. 370)
ប្រុស (BK, PPR, p. 370)
Physical Characteristics
Date of Birth
1952???? (BK, PPR, p. 370) ~ 1951???? (BKI 21.10.80, p. 11) 
Pre DK Education
high school (DC, BK, p. 158) ~ Wat Tuk La'ak, Phnom Penh (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17)  
Pre DK Education
;notes: student (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17) ~ ;notes: water-seller (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17) ~ ;notes: messenger (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17)  
Birth Place And Death Date
Death Place:  
Death Place
Father Info
Mother Info
Kr Rank Info
KR Rank Pre 75-79
តួនាទី មុនរបបខ្មែរក្រហម(1975)
platoon commander, Memot (1970-1971)(BKI 21.10.80, p. 17) ~ company political chief, 1971-1973 (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17) ~ 55th Battalion political chief (protean niyobay), 1974-1975 (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17)  
KR Rank 75-79
Regimental Commander, 197703?? ;notes: responsible for border between Region 21 and Vietnam (DC, BK, p. 171) ~ Officer, 55th Company, Special Forces Regiment, Region 21, 1975???? (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ Regimental Chief of Staff (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ Deputy Commander, Special Regiment, Region 21, 1977???? (BK, PPR, p. 370) ~ a regimental "commander" (Khmer term unavailable);notes: 1975-1977 (BKI 21.10.80) ~ chief of staff, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21, Eastern Zone ;notes: from September 1975 (BKI 23.9.91) ~ chief of staff and deputy commander, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21, Eastern Zone ;notes: from early 1977 (BKI 23.9.91)
Dk Zone And Dk Org Type, Unit
DK Zone 75-79
E, 21 (DC, BK, p. 158) ~ E, 21 (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ E, 21, Memot (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17)  
DK ORG Unit 75-79
CPK military (DC, BK, p. 158) ~ military (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ military (BKI 21.10.80, p. 17) 
DK ORG Unit 75-79
Regiment, Region 21 (DC, BK, p. 158) ~ 55th Company, Special Forces Regiment, Region 21, 1975???? (BK, PPR, p. 266) ~ Special Regiment, Region 21, to 197707?? (BK, PPR, p. 370) ~ Special Regiment, Region 21, Eastern Zone (Memot border)(BK-GD 15)  
Persecutor And Detension Info
Persecutor Of
hospital patients, Kampong Cham city, Region 41, Northern Zone ;code: 1.56, killed, 197309?? ;notes: "when overrunning two hospitals, Heng Samrin's and Hun Sen's troops threw hand grenades and later slit the throats of critically ill patients" (Saren Thac 
Arrest Info
More Info
fled to Vietnam, 197707?? (DC, BK, p. 171) ~ In 1966, studied at Wat Tuk La'ak in Phnom Penh; worked with an older cousin, Niv Kien, 38, a teacher and a "doctor" who was a member of the party [WPK?]; with other students at the wat, Hun Sen "sold bread with letters inside." Niv Kien, who was "active in Prey Nup and elsewhere," was arrested in 1967 and disappeared. Hun Sen fled to Kratie and became a water seller; in 1969 he made contact with Mey Pho [in Memot?]and became a messenger for him. In 1969 he claims to have "organized a youth movement" against land seizures in Memot. "Then truckloads of police came" and Hun Sen fled back to Kratie (BKI 21.10.80, pp. 17-18 ) ~ "joined the movement on 14 April 1970" as platoon commander of 30 troops in an area commanded by Nat (BKI 23.9..91) ~ after the U.S. April 1970 invasion, only 16 troops remained (BKI 23.9.91) ~ in 1971, became a platoon commander again (BKI 23.9.91) ~ studied special commando tactics for 10 months in a training school in Damber run by Khmer and Vietnamese instructors for 78 students, including 6 university students; followed by 2 months' practical training (BKI 23.9.91) ~ alleged to have participated in Khmer Rouge attack on Kampong Cham city, Northern Zone, 1973 (Saren Thach, in Washington Post, 30.10.89, and in International Herald Tribune, 2.11.89 (see also 6.11.89, response by Elizabeth Becker)) ~ participated in battle for Phnom Penh, April 1975, and was wounded on April 16, losing an eye and recuperating in hospital until November 1975 (BK, PPR, p. 266)  
Kim Teng ;notes: nephew of So Phim (military trainer)(DC, BK, p. 158) ~ Chum Sei, deputy political comissar (DC, BK, p. 171) ~ Chum Horl (BKI 23.9.91)  
Political Party
CPK ;notes: joined in "early 1971" (BKI 21.10.80, p. 18)  
ordered to attack Vietnamese territory at Or Lu in Loc Ninh Province; says that he, Sok Sat, and Chum Sei refused to do so, 197703?? (DC, BK, p. 171) ~ refused to attack the Vietnamese village of Or Lu after his superiors were purged, 197704?? (BK, PPR, p. 370) ~ defected and fled to Vietnamese border, July 1977 (BK, PPR, p. 371) ~ attempted contact with So Phim, driving in Vietnamese tank to Kandol Chrum Township, Eastern Zone, 19771222 (DC, BK, p. 172) ~ ordered to report for duty to engage in repression of the Cham revolt in September 1975, but says he declined to do so (BK, PPR, p. 266)  
Kun Deth, chief of staff, Region 21 armed forces (BKI 23.9.91) ~ Sok Sat, political commissar, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21 (BKI 23.9.91) ~ Chum Horl, commander, Special Regiment (Memot border), Region 21 (BKI 23.9.91) ~ Chum Sei, deputy political commissar (BKI 23.9.91)  
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