When it was founded in 1995, DC-Cam had a staff of three. Today, we have 38 employees and 9 volunteers, all of whom are Cambodian (view our Staff List, Organizational Chart, and photographs of our staff by John J. Daigle). Please see the photos of staff 2016 by Charlotte Pert. DC-Cam Human Resource Manual/Staff Policy.

All of our staff begin working at the Center as volunteers for three months to a year, during which time they are observed and evaluated by the Director to determine if they are adequately committed to undertake the Center’s demanding work. We require our volunteers and staff to have proficiency in English and computer skills.

Candidates who are successful in making the transition to employee are asked to sign a contract with the Center, generally for 6 months. Their contracts may be renewed based upon a managerial evaluation of each staff member’s performance.
The salaries and benefits DC-Cam offers its employees are competitive with those of other Cambodian non-government organizations. Our benefits include annual and sick leave, paid holidays, merit increases, and training.

Staff Development

Since its founding, DC-Cam has implemented programs that aim to constantly increase the capabilities of our staff. These include:

Internal Training. We have offered numerous training courses given by our staff and outside experts in such areas as research methods, interviewing, English language, Internet research, Khmer Rouge terminology, microfilming, cataloguing, and transliteration. In addition, several of our staff have attended six-week legal training courses DC-Cam has offered in preparation for the tribunal of senior Khmer Rouge leaders (legal training).
Local Training. DC-Cam occasionally sends promising staff members to upgrade their English at a local school or university. In addition, our staff members have been trained in radio broadcasting and identifying people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder by experts within Cambodia.
Overseas Training. Every year, DC-Cam sends selected staff members abroad to gain new skills and knowledge. They have received short-term training in such subjects as information technology (Singapore), database management (Australia), human rights (South Africa, Canada, Ireland, UK, USA), anthropology (South Africa), graphics and book design (India), ICCROM-organized courses (Southeast Asia), In-Class teaching internship at Lowell High School (USA) and Southeast Asian Semester Program at Chiang Mai University (Thailand) and many others.


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