Radio programming is an important means of outreach to Cambodian people throughout the country. The majority of Cambodians, especially survivors of the Khmer Rouge period who live in predominantly rural areas, have little access to print and news media. Thus, radio remains a culturally popular medium and is often the sole source of national news and information for many Cambodians. The reliance of citizens, especially rural citizens, on radio broadcasts can lead to the manipulation of public perception when the radio messages are used for purposes of political propaganda. In general, because of this risk, 

the creation of accurate and objective educational programming remains a pressing need in Cambodia. Since 2002, DC-Cam has been reading selected articles from Searching for the Truth magazine and portions of such books

as Anne Frank’s Diary on a local radio station, Women’s Media Center (WMC), FM 102, which reaches many Cambodian provinces. DC-Cam has produced a radio program on this station two times a week. In addition, our staff members have been guest speakers on an FM 102-hosted talk show which focuses on the Khmer Rouge.

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