Negotiating Memory

Medical support has also been provided to the genocide survivor of 1,700 persons in total (through this project) by a doctor from The Philippines, Dr. Demy Reyes who is a surgical oncologist.

Mobilizing Victims on their Perspectives of Genocide Memorialization. As the Khmer Rouge Tribunal winds down, we will continue our work in empowering survivors by way of ensuring their continued ability to speak out openly about the country’s justice, memorialization, and educational processes.  The aim of this project is to establish informal survivor associations whose core mission will be to review, give input, and advise on local, regional, and national efforts and projects of justice, memorialization, and education about the Khmer Rouge period.  

We will leverage our relationships with survivors (including civil parties of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal) throughout the country to build loosely established, informal organizations covering the north, south, east, and western regions of Cambodia. Under Documentation Center of Cambodia oversight, survivors will meet quarterly in order to review, give input, and advise on focus issues as well as comment on topics of their choice as it relates to the justice, memorialization, and educational processes of the Khmer Rouge period.  

Although there will be an emphasis on topics specific to their region, survivors may elect to give input or advice on topics, issues, projects, or efforts in other regions and on a national or international level.  The intent of this project is to build a sustainable, informal platform for survivors to comment on the country’s and the world’s justice, memorialization, and educational processes as they relate to mass atrocities. With the survivors’ permission, their work, input, and comments will be published for use in educating Cambodian institutions, projects, and the public at-large on the perspectives of survivors.

The project activity would have an impact on victims’ understanding, appreciation, and ability to interact with the country, the international community and the universe of organizations engaged in justice, memorialization, and education as it relates to the Khmer Rouge period.

“Although nearly two millions were killed by the Khmer Rouge, at least five millions more survived to tell their story.”

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