To date, the U.N. ambassador to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal has voiced strong support for the transfer of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal archives to Documentation Center of Cambodia’s custody; however, the Cambodian Government has not reached a final decision on the matter, and the ultimate disposition of the archives remains an open question.

The disposition of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal archives is an issue of enormous importance to not only the legacy of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal but also the preservation of the historical record for generations to come.

Numerous outside observers have expressed serious concern about the fate of Khmer Rouge Tribunal records should they be transferred to the custody of a party susceptible to personal or political influence.  In particular, given the fact that many former and current Cambodian officials are implicated in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal’s closed records, this Khmer Rouge Tribunal archive risks being altered, compromised or even destroyed if custody is transferred to a questionable authority.  DC-Cam strongly maintains that it is imperative to ensure the Cambodian people’s voice is reflected in any decision with such enormous implications.


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