Finance and accounting

In 2004, DC-Cam received formal recognition from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and informal recognition from the Swedish, Dutch, and other governments for its transparent and effective accounting practices. We are one of only a few of Cambodia’s over 6,000 NGOs to be given this recognition.

Prof. Heng Vanda, Board Member In Charge of Finance
Accounting Manual, 6 April 2016
Accounting Manual for Transparency and Good Governance Auditing Report Information

The following finance reports are available to interested donors upon request: Overall Auditing Report (External Audit) by PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cambodia) Ltd.
Internal Financial Report (Internal Audit) using QuickBooks computerized accounting program (updating daily)
Contact: So Farina, Principle Deputy Director

Since we became independent on January 1, 1997, the Documentation Center of Cambodia has benefited immensely from our donors’ financial support and intellectual contributions. For more information, please contact: Meas Bunthann, Director of Finance