ASEAN: AICHR Peace & Human Rights Education

Promoting a culture of diversity, peace, and a respect for human rights through professional development of Cambodian women teachers and members of marginalized communities

We expect to: a) Research and development of peace and human rights program from two countries’ experiences specific to women and people from marginalized communities, b) Publication of program in Cambodia schools and Documentation Center of Cambodia projects and events and c) Training of select female educators/leaders and educators in marginalized communities.

This initiative represents an important opportunity to increase the sustainability of U.S. and other donors from the West investments in the work of the Documentation Center of Cambodia and other ongoing peace, human rights, and democracy initiatives, while 

The civil society landscape in Cambodia is changing in ways that present significant risks to U.S. strategic interests in Cambodia and the Southeast Asian region. One of these changes is regionalization, which presents strategic opportunities for U.S. foreign policy. 

As Cambodian institutions integrate with ASEAN member institutions, there will be opportunities for increased dialogue on issues that the government would not have entertained, let alone encouraged. Inspired by local initiative, this initiative specifically targets the professional development of Cambodian women and people from marginalized communities in the short-term. In the long term, the outputs will serve as building blocks for the development of a Peace and Human Rights Education Program for the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR).


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