CAMBODIAN PAGODA ARCHITECTURES: This project will advance U.S. diplomatic goals and demonstrate the depth of U.S. respect for the cultural heritage of Cambodia by helping preserve and educate the Cambodian people about the cultural heritage of Cambodian religious sites, specifically pagodas and related sites in Khmer religious enclaves. This project will accomplish this overarching objective by the following key goals that center principally on education and awareness-raising, and a focused restoration project in Battambang province.

Education & Awareness Raising
•    Promote & preserve the architecture of Post-Angkor Era through education and pagoda restoration activities
•    Increase knowledge related to the art of Khmer pagoda architecture
•    Encourage the young generation to preserve and love the legacy from Khmer ancestors.
•    Foster the desire to reinforce a sense of identity: foster the young generation know clearly about Khmer national identity

•    Restore Wat Kdol to promote and empower the value of Khmer pagoda architecture and foster the idea of preservation instead of replacing.

These goals will be accomplished with the following key outputs:

• Booklet and promotional materials on the history of Battambang province, architectural style, relevant cultural and pagoda information;
• Village education on value and preservation of pagodas
• Student classroom education, field trips, and architectural drawing competition
• Public exhibits of wood scale models, architectural drawings, history, and photographic displays
• Social media campaign
• Restoration of prominent pagoda in Battambang (Wat Kdol)

This project receives moral support from the King of Cambodia, the Royal Cambodian Embassy in Korea, and the Royal University of Fines Art (RUFA). The project team works closely with the Royal University of Fine Arts. The University offers assistance in survey administering, building maquette (scale models), and venue for the proposed seminars and activities. This project also receives international support from DaeWha Kang Architect based in London. DaeWha Kang will provide consultation service and work with the team on the design and restoration. The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts also extended its support of the project. The project team has also sought official support letter from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts; however, this letter has not come in time for attachment to this proposal. Because DC-Cam has worked with the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts on a number of prior projects, we are confident of approval by the Cambodian government.


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