Affinity Group

Together with the International Center for Transitional Justice, Documentation Center of Cambodia leading the development of an “Affinity Group” of documentation centers from around the world (the former Yugoslavia, Guatemala, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Africa to share information and techniques, and work together to address the constraints shared by its members. The group, which plans to meet three or four times per year, would also call in international experts to help think through solutions to various technical documentation problems. The first meeting of the Affinity Group was held in Phnom Penh in March 2005.  Following an introduction to Documentation Center of Cambodia that included detailed discussions of our documentation and 

    outreach work, the group address such topics as proceedings:
  • Trategic issues in collecting documents: how to connect documentary materials and forensic evidence with the broader goals of accountability, truth-telling, and justice. Prioritizing categories of documents, projects (e.g., oral history, primary documents, others), etc.
  • Technical issues in collecting, preserving and using documents (database management, collecting documents from multiple sources, massive state documents and collection challenges)
  • Case studies in documentation and planning for the future.


Contact: Youk Chhang

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